ESCI/EWP+ Workshop for the in-house mobility software providers

ESCI/EWP+ consortium organizes the workshop for the mobility software providers, under the EWP Interoperability Reinforcement Plan.

The goal of the workshop is to enhance cooperation framework with the in-house mobility software providers.

We invite developers responsible for API and client implementation for IIAs and LAs to jointly review and discuss the implementation of specific functionalities and business processes.

The agenda consists of highly practical issues like IIA and LA flows in the mobility module, common errors in implementations and how to solve them, good practices, testing and problem solving, statistics, monitoring and debugging.

Eligibility: any in-house system provider who is present in DEV/PROD EWP Network and signed the Memorandum of Understanding with EWP.

The workshop will be held as a hybrid event. We encourage participation on-site in Thessaloniki. The participation in the workshop is free of charge. Coffee breaks and lunches are included, but other costs should be covered by participants. Before making any travel arrangements for Thessaloniki make sure that your physical on-site participation is confirmed.

If you don't receive your confirmation, please e-mail us at